ADISTAM advises parties to incorporate the following med-arb clause in order to choose med-arb at ADISTAM.

Any disputes arising from or related to this Agreement will be resolved by mediation-arbitration at ADISTAM. Such mediation will be conducted by ADISTAM. In arbitration, UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules will be applicable under the management of ADISTAM. The place of mediation-arbitration is Istanbul / Turkey. The language of mediation-arbitration is Turkish.

ADISTAM will be the appointing authority for all aspects of arbitration including appointment of arbitration, procedural management of arbitration in compliance with the parties’ agreement. In case of lack of agreement of parties, ADISTAM will be the appointing authority of all aspects of arbitration.

Following clauses can de added to med-arb clause:

There will be (…) arbitrators.

The applicable law will be the law of (…).

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