What is Med-ARB (Mediation-Arbitration)?

Med-Arb is an alternative dispute resolution method which means that parties will recourse to mediation first and in case of failure to settle in mediation, the dispute between the parties will be resolved by the final and binding decision by arbitration.

ADISTAM provides services to the parties who agree on resolving their disputes by mediation and arbitration together.

How long does it take to get an arbitration award?

It takes to get an arbitration award up to 6 months at ADISTAM arbitration.

What is the language of mediation and arbitration?

Parties may choose whatever language they want to be tried in at ADISTAM mediation and arbitration.

Is the records and trials are open to public?

No, all records and trials are private to only parties and arbitral tribunals at ADISTAM unless otherwise agreed by parties. All proceedings and awards are kept confidential in our records. None of the commercial, personal, and private information and arbitration award will be distributed to anyone other than the parties.

Is arbitration more expensive than court proceedings?

No, application fees and costs are much cheaper than the court proceedings. You can find more information at Online Application page. 

Is it possible to sue foreigners?

Yes, anyone can be subject to proceedings at ADISTAM arbitration. Arbitration awards at ADISTAM can be enforceable in more than 160 countries through New York Convention.

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